Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taylor Swift

Hi , I'm Taylor . I love the number 22 . I was born in December on a Christmas tree farm . I like imagining what life was like Hundreds of years ago . I have blurry eyesight . My favorite thing in life is writing about life , speci the parts of life concerning love . Because , as far as I'm concerned , love is absolutely everything .
Easily I'm excited , thrilled , scared , and shocked . I'm 30 now , but I never stopped jumping up and down when something wonderful happens . My biggest fear is getting bad news . Or , letting someone down . I really love showing people what I meant when I wrote a song , so my shows are very theatrical . I knock on wood constantly . I have a cat named Meredith . She's named after my favorite character on Grey 's Anatomy , and she 's fantastic . I live in Nashville , a magical land where 99 % of the people are friendly and courteous drivers who let you in and do not honk at you .
I go into a trance when I'm in an antique store . I do not like it when something or someone turns out to be different than what you originally thought . Like when you're shopping and you find a really cute dress , only to Realize it 's actually a strange situation jumpsuit . But I mostly do not like it when it happens with people. I love my friends and I'm always making new ones. I do not really think you can ever stop making new friends or learning about as many new things as possible . I also do not think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to play .
Music has taken me all over the world , but the fans are the reason it's been so magical . I'm so blown away by how nice they are to me . It's strange to feel so understood by such a large group of people , but I love it . I spent two years working on my album , RED . I called it that Because of the tumultuous , crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles . In my mind , when you experience love that 's fast paced and out of control and mixes Infatuation , Jealousy , frustration , miscommunication , and all of those lovely emotions ... In chi , it all looks red .
I can not wait for so many things . But mostly I can not wait to see you , whether it 's in a crowd or a coffee shop . Thank you for listening , showing up , reading , and taking such good care of me .

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